Religious Education

Please contact Ms. Elizabeth Reyes at the rectory for more information on Religious Education.



August 18, 2020
This letter is to explain the plans we have for this upcoming school year. Following a blended learning
method, this year classes will begin during the first weeks of October. In order to help our team better
prepare and order the necessary supplies it is important that you register your child sooner rather than
later. If you know someone who is interested in registering their children, please feel free to forward
this message.
• The plans for our program include both in person and remote learning classes. Students will attend
classes in person every other week, and complete work at home on the other weeks.
• For the lower grades, work done on remote learning days will require limited technology and will
focuse on faith and family formation. This will include but is not limited to- work being sent home,
videos being watched on Sunday with parents, activities and arts & crafts. Students in the higher
grades will have a combination of work sent home as well as work that will be done online through
Google Classroom.
• In order to ensure everyone’s safety, in person classes will have no more than 10 students in a
class. The first day of class will depend on the group your child is in. If your child is in group A,
their first day of class will be on October 4th. And Group B will begin on October 11th. On your
child’s first day of class they will be given a textbook to take home in order to complete work
during remote learning days.
• There will be an in-person registration for those who do not feel comfortable registering online or
over the phone, on Monday, August 17th from 4-7pm.
• Reminder that registration fee this school year will be $50.00 per child. Additionally, the deadline
to pay the fee has been moved to October when classes begin. If you are able to pay beforehand,
then please pay at the church rectory, Monday – Friday from 3pm- 6pm. Make sure you indicate
your child’s name when giving in the payment.
• We have begun to register students for this coming school year via a link:
• If you are having trouble registering using the link above, please call the rectory where our
secretary will assist