Learn More About Our Ministries

Finance Committee
Believe it or not, there is a Finance Committee at Guardian Angel Church. This committee meets quarterly and in accordance with the needs of the parish.

Pastoral and administrative decisions are discussed and reviewed. The members of the finance committee aid the pastor in making financial decisions regarding major capital expenditures that the parish may incur.
Decisions are made according to the well-being and the vision of the parish.

The finance committee reviews the annual parish budget that is submitted to the Dioceses, and the annual reserves and expenditures report that is made known to the parishioners.

As you know, our parish Church, Rectory, and Hall have been undergoing restoration since 2000. We are still working very hard toward this vision. The sharing of your treasure is helping to accomplish this. We want to thank you.

Stewardship Committee
The Stewardship Committee seeks to provide opportunities for all members of Guardian Angel to live a life of prayer, sharing, ministry, and action. The committee is charged with describing the existing ministries of our parish, and developing plans for new ministries according to the needs of our parish community. This committee provides education so that we are all informed of the many ways we can participate as stewards of our faith. Written works are produced, speakers enrich our understanding at Sunday mass, and a Ministry Fair allows us to meet and join each other.

100th Anniversary Committee
The new millennium has had special meaning to the parishioners of Guardian Angel. It brought a period of renovation and restoration for our structures. It has also fostered reflection and renewal to our commitment to each other in our communal and spiritual lives. This committee is entrusted with the happy task of organizing our celebrations of this centennial anniversary. As you know, several parish activities are happening. Please contact the rectory if you want to be a part of the planning.

Altar Services
Generally the altar servers who assist the priest at the celebration of Mass are young people, grades five and above, who are trained at our church for this function. Adults who received this training in their youth may also serve, as needed.
Altar servers take an active role in assisting the presider at mass on Sundays, weekdays, and on special occasions. We have altar servers in all five languages of our parish community.

Lectors are members of the parish who proclaim the important first and second readings of the liturgy at Mass. They receive training to present the Word of God in a faith-filled manner.
Thirty-two lectors were installed in January 2005. Our lectors are a diversified group, speaking in English, Spanish, Malayalam, Tagalog, and Polish. Our retired Deacon reads the Gospel in Spanish and English.

The Ministries of our Indian Community
The Syro-Malabar Roman Catholic Church of India guides our ministries, with its USA base at St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Diocese of Chicago. We meet every fourth Sunday (2:00pm) for a variety of enriching educational, cultural, social, and spiritual activities, including holy mass in Malayalam. Our prayer group meets Tuesdays at 5:30pm. Our group consists of about thirty families at the present time. The members meet all financial needs of our activities. We fundraise and contribute for charitable and educational purposes. We contribute our time to organize social and cultural events. We seek our talented and knowledgeable people to speak on relevant issues. We conduct educational and talent competitions. We organize retreats and family prayer groups. We share the Good News in our Christmas Caroling, and our celebrations of the feasts of St. Thomas, Blessed Alphonsa, and Blessed Chavara Kuiakose.
These ministries emulate our goals to provide proper guidance for our growing children, to continue our heritage’s rich traditions, and exchange experiences with the value and traditions of other cultures.

May Crowning
This event enacts the tradition of presenting a statue of the Blessed Mother with a crown of flowers. The procession, which includes the First Communion classes of the CCD, occurs on Mother’s Day at the Children’s Masses.

Music Ministry
Through this ministry we support the corporate worship of the church community by leading the assembly in song at all liturgical functions: weekly masses, holiday celebrations, and rites of initiation. Guided by the Directors of Music, volunteers assist the congregation by singing together the hymns and prayers of the liturgy. We encourage parishioners’ participation in the singing at mass. To join the choir (in any of our parish languages) all that is needed is a desire to sing and a willingness to learn liturgical music.
The members of the Guardian Angel Parish have added sounds of joy to our assemblies by helping to purchase a new organ. Additional musicians and singers are needed for this ministry to grow.
The Spanish choir meets Sundays before Mass at 9am for rehearsal, and after Mass for decision and planning. The English choir meets before Sunday mass.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)
This program prepares the way for people who enter the Catholic Church as adults. Guidance and instruction are provided for all those who wish to become Catholics, including people who were never baptized, as well as those who were baptized but never received Holy Eucharist and Confirmation. The program culminates in the reception of the Sacraments at the Easter Vigil. Sponsors are needed to share their faith and provide guidance.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
The principle role of the Extraordinary Ministers is to assist the celebrant at Mass with the distribution of the Body and Blood of our Lord. They are required to attend a diocesan workshop for training. Ministers may also serve the parish community by bringing the Holy Eucharist to parishioners confined at home or in nursing care facilities. Our goal is to increase our number of Extraordinary Ministers from presently four, to ten.

Ushers and Ministers of hospitality
Ushers help create an atmosphere of hospitality when the people of God assemble for worship. They greet the parishioners as they enter, assure that all are comfortably seated, take up the weekly collections, and distribute materials as required. One goal is to be more identifiable with uniform jackets.

Altar Committee
This group prepares the sanctuary for worship before Mass and other church celebrations. They care for the linens, candles, flowers, and general environment to assure the kind of quiet serenity appropriate for sacred ceremonies.

Christmas Committee
Preparing the church for the Christmas celebration means setting up the Nativity scene and the Christmas Tree. The floral accents are special for the Christmas season, too.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at Guardian Angel Church is held on Fridays from 9:30am to 7:30pm, and the last Thursday of the month, 8-10pm. Parishioners who participate have a quiet and peaceful time to pray and listen to Jesus. We need people who are willing to share at least one hour of their time with Jesus.

Novena of the Miraculous Medal
In honor of our Lady, this group meets Tuesdays following the 7:30pm mass.
Holy Rosary and Benediction
Parishioners meet Fridays at 7pm and are led through the rosary by our priests.

Religious Education (English)
Religious Education for the children of Guardian Angel Parish takes place on Sundays between the hours of 9:30am and 1:30pm. Enrollment begins in September, and classes are held throughout the school year. Our goals are to help children explore their faith, develop morally, and grow in religious understanding and practice. We help children put their faith in action through prayer, projects, and reflection. We accomplish these goals with the dedicated leadership of the pastor and the CCD director. In addition, we rely on the devotion and commitment of our teachers and the support of parents.
While our volunteer teachers provide materials for their students and the parish provides books, we would appreciate additional financial resources to enrich the program. Our classrooms need new, basic equipment such as: chalkboards, tables, and chairs.

At this time, we have eight CCD teachers, but additional teachers would help reduce the number of children in each class, and enhance their understanding of the Word.
Our long-term vision is to have a new school built for our students, so each age group can have a classroom of their own. Until that time, we hope to improve the learning environment by providing repairs to the building structure of the hall, and by establishing a committed custodial crew.

The Ministries of Our Spanish Community
Members of our ministries conduct a number of programs that serve the spiritual needs of people at various stages in their lives. Our prayer and activity groups meet to share the faith and to nurture others to experience the fullness of God’s love. Our parish offers the sacraments in Spanish, and Sunday Mass in Spanish (11:00am).

• Our young Adult Catechist program for youth ages 16-20 meets from August to April. The goal is to prepare young adults to receive the sacraments of Baptism, Communion, and Confirmation. Meetings are held on Thursdays, at 8:30pm.

• The Cursillo is a 60-year old movement begun in Spain with the goal to develop Christian communities. Minister formation classes are held at the center of Evangelization St. Vincent de Paul. This “short course” in Christianity is conducted by clergy and peer monitors in a series of lectures, discussions, and opportunities to share.

The Cursillo itself is a 4-day retreat where one gains a closer understanding of our Christian values. Evangelization and testimonials are key elements.
The Cursillistas meet on Fridays at 8pm in the Baptistry. Our Activities include Bible Study, visits to the sick, and bereavement. We hope to increase parishioner interest and membership.
We currently need a leader to organize the activities of the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

• Jornadistas are young people who meet together after Mass to enhance their spiritual awareness.

Charismatic Ministry (Circulo de Oracion)
Through the Holy spirit, bible study talks, discussions this ministry evangelizes “the word”. Young adults, men and women are invited to attend. Their apostolate is to visit the jails, hospitals, the sic at home, funerals, retreats are scheduled regularly for single men and women and married couples. They meet on Tuesdays at 7:30pm. Their music ministry participates in liturgical celebrations on a regular basis.

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
The Mexican community is our largest community and its members take pride and work very hard to celebrate the feast of the patron of the Americas on December 12.

Special fund-raising activities begin the preparations. The altar is adorned with multiple bouquets of roses and a portrait of our Lady. Vigils are held through the night, and singing is accompanied by Mariachis, followed by the Mananitas at dawn.

The main procession is preceded by the Guadalupe Runners, a group of young people who do a marathon-type run to All Saints Church, and return to Guardian Angel for the special celebration Mass.
This is a very colorful event in our parish. The children are dressed and face-painted as Juan Diego, the humble man to whom our Lady of Guadalupe appeared.

The Indian Dancers follow the procession performing an authentic Mexican Indian tribal dance.
Our goal is to continue this celebration in its unique ways. Leaders and organizers are needed.

The Ministry of Our Polish Community
Our ministry seeks to teach stewardship principles and encourage stewardship in action. We want to discover ways to use God’s gifts to grow in our spiritual lives and services to others, and toward the benefit of our Guardian Angel Church’s mission. Our community was organized in 1987, and we have been growing in membership ever since. We pray together at the Sunday 7:00pm mass in Polish.
With small contributions, we come together for refreshments, friendship, and prayer. Throughout the year we participate in several spiritual events:

• A 3-day annual retreat.
• About 1,000 people receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation yearly.
• Each year, we gather socially and spiritually for our Christmas Vigil Gathering.
• We celebrate New Year’s Eve with a solemn social event.
• During the season of Lent we have Lamentation Devotion, and a 3-day retreat.
• All of June, we celebrate our Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
• During the month of October we celebrate our Rosary Devotion.

In the coming year, we hope to increase our contribution of time, talent, and treasure to our church. We pray to increase the number of registered families by 100%.

The Ministries of our Filipino Community
Our ministries are guided by our affiliation with the Filipino Diocesan Apostolate (FDA), Brooklyn Council. Our Bible Study group meets every Saturday at 4:30pm. We are blessed with a mass in Filipino every third Sunday.

The Guardian Angel Filipino Community was organized to promote a pastoral awareness to the Filipino sense of identity and the quality of participation in the local church. We accomplish this through cooperative activities that affirm our particular and communal experience of God, and through the leadership of evangelization.

Our members work together through organizational and action ministries to support our goals and charitable donations:

• Our Cultural Ministry organizes activities such as presentations of traditional Filipino dress, dance, and music.

• Our Music Ministry lends voice to our praise and worship. Each November brings our Gospel Night Contest. We hope to organize our singing talents into a Choir.

• Our Outreach Ministry helps Filipino immigrants integrate easily into American society.

• Our Pastoral Ministry recommends policies for the re-evangelization of Filipinos through the sacraments and good Catholic practice.

• Our Sports Ministry promotes good health and well being among the members. We have a Basketball Tournament each winter.

• Our Youth Ministry focuses on the issues confronting Filipino youth. We are happy to have active, young members who have the potential to continue our mission into the future.

This year we hope to increase family parish registration by at least 50%.